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magento to shopify Adobe announced end of magento and we need to move to future of e-commerce, Shopify!

Why Shopify?

Shopify provided an all integrated solution for your e-commerce business from hosting, maintaining and upgrading to the latest version under one hood. There 24x7 customer support system, forums and University guides are all available at your disposal, anytime you need help with any of Shopify.

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UI/UX We create designs to augment User Experiences.

Social based Flight booking App

TWA - User flow and Prototype

We create designs to augment "User Experiences". We analyze human behavioral patterns, analytics and blend them with data science and information architecture to design a unique 'blended experience'.

We help you translate a simple idea into an exotic Digital design transformation vision to adapt among your target audience and scale conversions.

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wordpress websites 100% custom made solution for your business

When you are looking for high performance, easy to maintain website for your business, think Wordpress!

Whether you are planning wordpress or woocommerce store, With WordPress’s theme-customization service, our team of developers creates bespoke designs by enhancing admin-level functionality to make your site easy-to-manage while looking aesthetically appealing to your consumers.

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Product Designing Shaping your ideas into reality

We create products that meet both: user and business needs, focusing on the complete lifecycle of the Product Design process. Ultimately, our offerings in this bracket are designed and developed with a human-centric approach. The purpose is to ensure that the product aligns with and humanizes technological gains.

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Brand/Logo We connect brands to culture and create stories that stick.

WHERE CREATIVE INSTINCT MEETS PROVEN EXPERIENCE. A logo design is the protagonist of your digital presence. It takes center stage and helps in leaving a lasting impression through your logo on the mind of the audience. The logos are not just an image on your site; they represent a succinct tale of your brand. Logos are the curtain raiser, after all.

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