UI/UX & Website Case Study


Project Overview

We were on subcontracting partnership with Urban Leaf for their digital requirements to design UI UX, implement AB tests via VWO and Google Optimise, social ads, emails etc. We supported them for design and development for almost an year.

About Urban Leaf

Urbanleaf is an ecommerce store built on Shopify. This is an online microgreens e-store to buy pre potted plants for your kitchen and garden. Our goal was to increase conversion to checkout.


Urban Leaf

Tools Used

Figma HTML CSS Next JS GA4
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

User Experience

Intuitive Navigation

Experience seamless app exploration with a revamped navigation structure, ensuring easy access to every featuern design style that embraces simplicity and elegance.

Streamlined Processes

Enjoy faster interactions as we've optimized tasks like payments, upgrades, and requests for effortless efficiency.

Refreshed Design

Elevate your experience with a modern makeover, embracing a sleek and professional look that resonates with our brand.

Enhanced User Feedback

Empower us with your insights through a robust feedback system, fueling constant app enhancement.

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CRO Report

Conversion Optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), consists of a set of coordinated actions with the sole objective of increasing, as much as possible, the number of visitors to a site that completes a certain action (or conversion) that generates value for the business. ➔ Conversion Optimization efforts only achieve positive results when it's data-driven. However, with the proper expertise, it is possible to identify points of improvement based on established best-practices.

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Case Studies

  • Mabel Case study


    A boutique homestays in US Bay Area managed by a popular Psychotherapist and with the vision to expand to multiple locations by the end of 2023. We gave the face to the brand by designing the logo, brand guidelines, compendiums, print material along with the website.
  • portfolio


    Payrix, a FiS Global acquired embedded payments technology, welcomed us as their extended technology partners. Our focus was on enhancing the user experience of their app and landing pages, streamlining the customer acquisition process for optimal efficiency.
  • CitizenShipper Case study


    We are onboard as a digital partner for a US based shipping empowering company called CitizenShipper. We not only support them for design but also for development and backend engineering as well. We work on various elements of their digital presence and continuously support their endeavors for AB test to increase their conversion rate.
  • Boast Case Study


    Boast, an emerging consumer electronics brand led by an industry veteran, has entrusted us with the role of being their sole technology and marketing partners. Working seamlessly alongside their team, our goal is to bring the brand to life and create products that resonate and sell effectively within their target audience through various channels.

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